The Graphic Design and Non Linear Narrative departments of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague educate their students to become critical thinkers and versatile practitioners, who develop outstanding concepts for visual communication. Using the investigative methods of journalism and forensics, the processing technologies of computer science, and the expressive qualities of the avant-garde, the students are equipped with the tools and tactics to interrogate complex socio-political issues in order to create meaningful narratives.

Students are encouraged not only to find answers to the questions of tomorrow, but also bridge the past with the future by appropriating skills which we call ‘craft 2.0’. In bringing knowledge, people, and things together, as well as in making selections of who and what to include and exclude, our students propose a new way of looking and therefore put forth a different worldview.

This year’s show captures a window onto this worldview, which is characterized by the interrelations of five domains: identity, body, machine, earth and system.

This framework encourages our students to think through the presented projects and discover the relations amongst the domains rather than labelling or classifying them in categories. It asks how the act of bringing things together has an impact on these relations, and if the story being told can create new alliances.

The projects deal with the interrelations between machine and body, or system and earth, or deal with human and the non-human body, with which the students question their role and position in this world. Not in terms of problem solving, but as a form of self-reflexivity, which we consider an important value of education.

We deliberately want to present both our departments as allies together: as friends and family, as neighbours and lovers, as lucid dreams with their moving shadows. We are immensely proud of all their accomplishments, and are confident in their future that started already yesterday. We want to thank our team of tutors and staff that stood behind all of our students all of the time.

Roosje Klap & Niels Schrader
Department Co-Heads

Deep Team (Exhibition Design & Production),
guided by Ina Hollmann and Agata Jaworska

Hilde Barwegen
Leïth Benkhedda
Benjamin Earl
Nuel van Gelder de Neufville
Jan Husstedt
Rully Irawan
Rebecca Joly
Pien Kars
Alfonso Yordi Martinez
Emma Verhoeven
Cato Stigter
Theresa Scherrer
Nina van Tuikwerd
Esther Vane

Department Co-Heads
Roosje Klap
Niels Schrader

Tutors Graphic Design
Thomas Buxó
Frits Deys
Michel Hoogervorst
Agata Jaworska
Roosje Klap
Matthias Kreutzer
Jan-Robert Leegte
Silvio Lorusso
Ruben Pater
Niels Schrader

Thesis Tutors Graphic Design
Merel Boers
Füsun Türetken
Dirk Vis

Tutors Non-Linear Narrative
Lauren Alexander
Linda van Deursen
Roosje Klap
Lizzie Malcolm & Daniel Powers
Ruben Pater
Niels Schrader
Saskia van Stein

Thesis Tutors Non-Linear Narrative
Nick Axel
Mijke van der Drift

External Advisor
Ramon Amaro

Ingrid Grunwald
Macha Rousakov
Hélène Webers

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