Esther Vane

Home is Where the Art is

Creature of Esther Vane

To create a place to discuss the institutional framework of their education, Esther Vane set up Mushroom Radio, together with MA Interior Architecture student Jack Bardwell. In one of its broadcasts, they discuss Vane’s film Home is Where the Art is, in order to speak about a broader notion: the values of the art academy and our society. In the film, Vane revisits her home, far from the artworld, to see what she could learn from some of her relatives. She revisits her cousin the painter, her aunt the hairdresser, her mom the yoga teacher, her brother the carpenter and talks to other relatives about creativity. What is valuable from their point of view? How do their values relate to the values of the art school? While working and learning, unexpected narratives around craftsmanship and creativity arise.

Home is Where the Art is Home is Where the Art is