Pien Kars


Creature of Pien Kars

Lucy is a sweet little thing, but, Ew!
what ís all that stuff growing there on her body?
Let’s get it away, get your razor and, quick, let nobody see,
the long black hairs that grow effortlessly.

Well what have we now? A surface so soft, she feels like a baby
Up goes Lucy’s brow, ’Does this make me a lady?’

With a whoosj and a bang,
she arrives in a place and sees all that is there,
seems perfect at ease with all of that hair.

It makes Lucy wonder how everything there
feels like there is something, that is here to take care
Something big, something greater, something soft but strong too,
It is the great mother, that is in all of you.

Lucy is a stop-motion animation video work. The video shows an alternative to our patriarchal society by presenting an in- vented world as truth. This world is inspired by the lunar age, the worshipping of the feminine and the Great Mother, where a wholeness of being between the one and the cosmos can be found.

Lucy Lucy